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These videos capture hook ups and sex conquests over the years.  The videos involve construction dudes, blue collar workers, hockey locker room buds, truckers, rest area pick ups, gym pick ups, subs, pigs and raunchy body builders.   For the nastier crowd, I have included my brown, piss, cheese videos as well.  Some were one timers some repeat hook ups. Videos included are trucker porn, gay truckers.  For the dirty into shit play  crowd I have scat related  bear videos.  Of course my fun piss videos with hairy guys doing water sports.

As I travel site to site my gaydar is always on. These videos capture, as much as possible, the early interactions leading and including the hookup.  Note some of the scenes can be out of sequence or compressed in time.  It can take up to three months to hook up. Like a good hunter I must wait for the right situation to develop. Hints and innuendos dropped I wait for my bud to react. Hints and innuendos dropped I wait for my bud to react. Look at the gay daddy bears videos. 

All men in the videos have approved the videos and to being  posted publically.  For those that did not approve the files have been deleted.

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There's no hibernating going on in our bear den! Poke your head in and see for yourself. Browse profiles and pictures of local gay bears who are waiting to chat, date and start having fun. See someone you like? Send a message and see what happens—for free! has the hottest gay bear chat, and with thousands of guys online all the time, we're the biggest online network of gay men and the best way to connect with men everywhere. Come and meet bear gay sex, gay daddy bears, gay hairy bears.  Watch live streaming videos of gay porn bear, gay bear videos, gay bear tube.

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​My complete collection of 328 gay and bisexual videos.

​The videos involve  raunchy pigs construction dudes, locker and room buds.

The  my piss and brown scat  vids as well

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